The Faucher Family – At the forefront of hair restoration

Connecticut Hair & Transplant Centers was founded by Valmore J. Faucher. A hairstylist since 1958, “Val” and his family have been devoted to employing and refining a variety of techniques and treatments for hair loss. Years of dedicated research and development made the Fauchers and CHTC respected authorities in the hair industry and experts in medical hair restoration, styling and management of healthy hair. Their passion for the industry has remained steadfast; growing alongside every major achievement made since their inception decades ago.

In 1989, recognizing the promise of “surgical innovation” as a permanent, long-term solution to hair loss, CHTC began specializing in surgical hair restoration. Indeed, they were the first to bring a full-time surgical hair transplant center to Hartford, Connecticut along with southern New England. Though retired, Val’s legacy of dedication, innovation and quality continues to inspire the staff at CHTC to new heights in excellence. Val’s son, Cary J. Faucher, and other members of their family continue to operate at every level of the Center.