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Follicular Unit Transplantation

A hair restoration technique where a patient’s hair is transplanted from the backside of the scalp (donor area) to thinning or balding areas on the front and top of the scalp. The donor hair is transplanted in naturally occurring groups of 1 to 4 hairs, called follicular units.

Follicular Unit Extraction

A minimally-invasive hair transplant technique with quicker recovery time, which involves harvesting follicular unit grafts from the patient’s donor area and then transplanting into the recipient, or balding, spot.

Laser Hair Therapy

Laser Hair Therapy is a clinically-proven, FDA approved, non-surgical, scientific approach in the treatment of hair loss, thinning hair, and scalp problems. LHT, when utilized on a consistent basis, strengthens, stimulates and regenerates hair roots allowing them to continue producing hair follicles.

Medical Treatments

Prescription and nonprescription medical treatments offer those experiencing the early stages of hair loss some relief, and assist with maintaining a fuller, more even appearance. Transplantation may be needed in the distant future; however, for some patients, creams, shampoos, and medications revitalize and stimulate the existing follicles to slow down hair loss.

Non-Surgical Hair Systems

Hair systems presents an effective, quick approach to achieving a natural appearance. Also known as non-surgical hair replacement, these are built upon the industry’s latest technologies, better understanding of growth patterns, and natural construction materials.