“I was apprehensive about having surgery, but CT Hair Centers addressed all of my concerns and really set my mind at ease. They did a great job in preparing me for exactly what to expect from the procedure. The end result is better than I could have imagined and the new self confidence I have gained has changed my life forever.”
Michael Carne, Investment Banker

“Dr. Goldstein did a magnificent job. The whole staff at CT Hair Centers was just wonderful. I couldn’t ask for anything better. They treated me as an individual and like I was the only one they were working on.”
Ron Edmonds, Restaurant Owner

“I feel great! I had lost a lot of confidence before the transplant because I had tried so many different things on today’s market and all the mistakes I was making and now I’ve gained that confidence back and I’m getting compliments all the time from my friends, my family, my wife, everyone. It feels great, it just feels great!”
Michael Cotoia, Soccer Coach

“I had already had 1 hair restoration surgery prior to finding CT Hair Centers. I was pleased with the results, but wanted to shop around to ensure that I was getting the best quality treatment available for the price. My searching paid off and I chose to have a second transplant procedure done by CTHC. The difference in the technology and skill employed between my two procedures was so pronounced. Dr. Goldstein’s procedure and the skill of the CTHC staff far surpassed that of my first hair transplant experience. The surgery itself was performed in half the time for the same number of grafts. I experienced less discomfort, the small scabs from the procedure healed much faster than my previous surgery and the family-run atmosphere of CTHC made me feel “much more at home.”
Eric Robbins

“I wanted to take the time to express my gratitude and satisfaction for the wonderful results of my hair transplant. After wearing a hair piece for 30 years I could not personally realize the freedom that I have achieved in the last 3 months. you know that i thought the operations were not painful at all. The complete process took a couple of years but the effort, time, money and commitment were well worth it. I would be happy to talk to any potential client of CT Hair Centers about my experience.”
Sam Falcetti, Music Store Owner