Slow, Stop & Reverse the Cycle of Continued Hair Loss!

Laser Hair Therapy (also known as LLLT – Low-Level Laser Therapy) is a clinically-proven, FDA approved, non-surgical, scientific approach in the treatment of hair loss, thinning hair and scalp problems. When utilized on a consistent basis, LHT strengthens, stimulates and regenerates hair roots allowing them to continue producing hair follicles.

How Your Hair Grows and How LHT works

Woman Checking Hairline in MirrorHair consists of a follicle, which is embedded in the skin, grows out of the scalp and appears on our heads and other areas. The follicle itself consists of multiple layers that serve specific functions. For example, the papilla lies at the base of the follicle under the surface of the scalp. Small blood vessels are connected to the papilla and they supply nutrients and materials which surround the bottom part of the hair strand called the bulb.

Scalp hair grows at an average rate of six inches per year and follow three distinct stages of growth. During the final stage of hair growth, hair follicles “fall out”, new hair cells divide and new hairs begin to grow. This cycle of growth and renewal continues throughout a person’s life.

Men and women suffering from hair loss or thinning hair experience shorter growth periods during the hair follicle life cycle. Over time, shorter growth periods result in a thinner head of hair and eventual baldness in the frontal and top and crown surface areas of the scalp. Baldness does not simply occur because hair falls out; all hair follicles fall out over time. Baldness is caused because the hair follicles fall out and fail to grow back.

It is important to note that once the hair roots are dead, nothing can be done to restore them, so the sooner treatment is started the better the results will be. The process of laser hair therapy slows and, in many cases, reverses the cycle of continued hair loss. Enhanced results can be achieved with the use of specially formulated hair products (such as Minoxidil) along with shampoos and conditioners.

The Hair Therapy Laser

The therapy is conducted using a device containing 110-160 therapeutic, low-level (or cold) lasers that rests directly above your scalp (but does not touch it). The therapeutic pure red light provided by the low level or “cold” laser stimulates blood supplied to the hair bulb and scalp; increased blood flow results in the increase of nutrients vital to hair growth. In essence, LHT functions on the same scientific principle as that of photo-bio-stimulation. The result is a restorative and reparative process that leads to a healthier scalp and hair that looks and feels softer, thicker and more manageable.

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