Innovative Hair Loss Solutions from CHTC

Hair loss can be difficult to deal with for both men and women. At Connecticut Hair & Transplant Center, we understand and are here to help you reverse hair loss. For many of our patients, the idea of getting back their own hair permanently through expert transplantation almost sounds too good to be true! However, treatments for hair loss have advanced tremendously over the past two decades. Under the care of an experienced, highly-skilled medical team, patients today can expect their hair transplants to be natural, even under close inspection.

Today, a number of available medical and surgical treatment options can slow, stop and reverse hair loss. CTHC has changed the lives of thousands of individuals suffering from hair loss by pioneering a unique, comprehensive approach that includes advanced medical, surgical and styling treatments. All combined, we produce dramatic results for our patients: Restoring lost hair that is natural, undetectable and permanent.

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